Owning and operating a business can be a challenging experience especially in these turbulent economic times. This reality has led to the increased importance of protecting your business from possible pitfalls, whether they be external or internal and protecting the structure of your business as well as the products or services your business provides.


We realize that entrepreneurs are a unique type of people, who burn the midnight oil trying to make their business a success. That’s why we are always available past traditional business hours to accommodate the special needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our attentiveness to our clients’ needs.


With a focus on highly professional, expedient services to each and every client, Robert Gross works tirelessly to understand every nuance of our client’s business before consulting them on the best strategy to handle their specific needs. In fact, many of his clients retain him to act as their “in-house counsel” in order to achieve the best results for their business needs. This arrangement has multiple benefits; Robert Gross develops an in-depth familiarity with his client’s business, culture and legal needs; he maintains a long-term relationship, thereby facilitating an even further efficiency in service; and lastly he becomes an integral part of his client’s business management decision making, thus assuring a more streamlined progression of the businesses’ future.


The general corporate services the Law Office of Robert Gross provides are:

  • Formation of entities and preparation of related documentation
  • Founders’ agreements, shareholders’ agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements and buy/sell agreement
  • Employment and consulting agreements
  • Commercial contracts, including services agreements, partnering agreements, vendor/ supplier agreements
  • Structuring of equity ownership
  • Corporate governance, board of director matters and voting agreements
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Trademark advice and registration