• Drug Crimes

    Drug crimes are the most common charge of all classifications of crimes, as well as one of the most politically controversial, they can fall under many categories: including drug possession, drug sale, drug possession with the intent to sell, drug manufacturing, trafficking, and solicitation. At the Federal and State level the government has come down particularly hard on drug offenders. There are mandatory minimum jail sentences for certain drug offenses, as well as potentially lengthy sentences under the Rockerfeller Drug laws. Drug cases can also be somewhat complex in that there are certain laws most people are unaware of. For instance, a drug sale within 1,000 feet of a school can have harsher consequences than a sale outside of 1,000 feet. Also, the simple passing of a marijuana cigarette to another person without any money being exchanged is considered a ‘sale’ in New York State.
    Robert Gross is highly experienced in both defending and prosecuting drug related cases. Robert Gross is currently on record as defending the largest drug case in the history of Westchester County.

    If you, or a loved one, has been contacted by the police in reference to a drug related matter call the Law Office of Robert Gross.

  • Violent Crimes

    Robert Gross has handled many violent crimes on both sides of the legal system. In addition, his years of investigative experience will ensure that no stone goes unturned in his clients defense. He has successfully defended clients on many violent crime charges, such as robbery, and assault and attempted murder. Many of which were outright dismissed. If you are charged with a violent crime contact the Law Office of Robert Gross.

  • Sex Crimes

    The potential for collateral damage when a person is accused of a sex crime could include loss of employment, damage to reputation in the community, loss of custody of children, and destruction of family relationships. If convicted, a person faces, not only the possibility of jail, but sex offender registration, and limitations on where he or she can obtain employment.

    Because of the sensitive nature of being accused of a sex crime it’s important to trust the Law Office of Robert Gross.

  • White Collar Crimes

    The government is cracking down on white collar crime, it is no longer associated with a slap on the wrist. The recent high profile cases in the media are proof of that.

    Being charged with such a crime can be an absolute nightmare and can carry heavy penalties. Those penalties can range from heavy fines, payment of back taxes, termination of employment, probation and even jail. Some of the more frequent types of White Collar Crime are: embezzlement, check fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, extortion, and the more recent phenomenon of computer crimes and Ponzi schemes.

    Here at the Law Office of Robert Gross, with his understanding of corporate law, he is extremely successful in defending our clients against White Collar Crimes. Robert Gross is highly capable in this field, he has worked on major International White Collar Investigations, along with top international firms, the securities industry and provided litigation support to other major International firms.

    If you are charged with a White Collar Crime contact Robert Gross immediately.

  • Computer Crimes

    According to FBI statistics, last year there were more than twice as many bank robberies performed with a computer than there were by traditional methods. As a result of the steady rise in the overall number of computer crimes such as, hacking, copyright infringement, child pornography, identity theft and cyber stalking, the government has dedicated its vast resources to the prosecution of these types of crimes. Because Computer Crimes can be committed across state lines, they can be commonly charged federally instead of merely at the State level, these federal charges can carry much harsher prison sentences.

    The laws governing Computer Crime are constantly evolving, requiring those who have been accused of violating them to seek attorneys with the expertise to vigorously defend them. By contacting the Law Office of Robert Gross you will have an attorney with computer forensic experience who has successfully defended these types of crimes.

  • Parole Revocation Defense

    If you’re on parole you know you’re walking on egg shells, any minor incident could be considered a violation of parole.

    In the City of New York, the hearings to determine if a person violated their conditions of parole take place on Rikers Island. Generally, there is no bail when facing charges of violations of conditions of parole, so you’re fighting the charges from the inside.

    Robert Gross is experienced in Parole Revocation, and can help you fight parole violation charges.

    If you are facing parole violation charges contact the Law Office of Robert Gross.

  • Probation

    When sentenced after a criminal conviction there are many different scenarios that can occur. One of the scenarios that can occur is the sentence of Probation.

    There are times when the government offers an individual charged with a crime probation as their sentence, or part of their sentence, instead of jail.

    A violation of probation can result in jail time.

    Robert Gross has been successful at terminating our clients’ Probation early. If you’re interested in terminating your probation contact the Law Office of Robert Gross. If you feel you have been the victim of brutality, or violation of any other constitutionally protected right, Robert Gross will stand by your side and ensure justice is served, and your voice is heard.